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Game High is your hub for all things sports, gaming and pop culture where we share different viewpoints and takes on today’s hot topics. Game High is managed by passionate, opinionated, and geeky (sometimes all three) writers, speakers and contributors from all walks of life. Get to know more about us.

Starting Lineup

Joshua Pielago - Marketer About Us Game High

Marketer, analytics, small dog enthusiast

Chip - Recruiter About Us Game High

Recruiter, coach, thinks he's Jerry Maguire

Carlo - HR, Foodie About Us Game High

HR, Foodie, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

Ramon King - Realtor About Us Game High

Realtor, fitness nut, Kawhi for President

It’s been a long time coming for this bunch of weird, opinionated, geeky (among other things) individuals who come from different walks of life but united in their passion for writing. Starting out as a hobby – mostly being done outside the confines of their professional lives, they began to start writing about things they are passionate about – movies, sports, video games, pop culture, music…the list goes on. From movie and food reviews, opinions on basketball, football or the latest sporting events, narratives on comic book fandom, and a piece that never saw daylight, K-Pop. 

For a moment, there was a huge pause. And the group decided to narrow down things to specific topics, double down on the content and keep the focus on where it matters. Using that momentum, they hoped to inspire more passionate individuals to join and collaborate in creating unique content that offers different perspectives with the right balance of expertise behind it – Game High was born.

Game High is a passion project managed by a growing number of writers and contributors who create and share content on local and international sports, video games, pop culture on a weekly basis, staying on top of what’s new and trending. We value opinion, diverse viewpoints, and creativity with our articles, podcasts, and feature pieces. Whether we write about the latest on the NBA, or talk about mobile gaming, or rave about the latest movie – we want to share our take and have fun in the process. 

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