Crossfire: The FPS That Left Its Mark on Philippine Esports History: Part 2

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Crossfire: The FPS That Left Its Mark on Philippine Esports History: Part 2 - Game High PH
Taken from CF Esports

The International Circuit and Philippine CrossFire

Teams from the Philippines participated in the international scene as early as 2010, when Fairview Gaming won 3rd place in the CrossFire World Championships (held during the World Esports Masters circuit in China) that featured many of the world’s best CrossFire teams back then. As such, teams outside of the country knew even back then that Filipino CrossFire was something to watch out for.

It would not be until the year 2013 when SmileGate began to unveil CrossFire Stars, which would serve as the premier international tournament circuit for the game. Featuring multiple regions, Season 1, which was held that year, had Pacific.Wara representing the country and grabbing 4th place, one step away from a podium finish. The following year, Wara reached the quarterfinals; however, they were not able to break through to repeat their previous performance.

A few months later, Pacific.Macta joined the CrossFire Stars grand finals where they faced off against multiple opponents from all over the world. Surprisingly, they were able to finish third place, only losing to the eventual champions during the semifinals. This would be followed by multiple podium placings in the succeeding years, though they would not be able to secure the top spot.

However, their efforts would pay off.

The Philippines actually got its first major FPS (and esports) world championship title when Pacific.Macta destroyed their opponents in the 2018 CrossFire Stars Global Invitational (CFGI) in a dominating fashion. Being a part of the official global CrossFire circuit, the CFGI was one of two major titles in premier international competition.

Crossfire: The FPS That Left Its Mark on Philippine Esports History: Part 2 - Game High PH
Taken from CrossFire Philippines

During the CFGI, Pacific.Macta displayed a spectacular run by getting a 10-4 win against BOSS from Vietnam, a 10-8 win against Black Dragons from Brazil, a 10-6 win against North America’s Carbon and a 10-3 result against Chinese powerhouse All Gamers (AG), which was the number one CrossFire team in the world at that time. They only lost a close 8-10 match against Q9, which they promptly avenged in the semifinal by winning the series 2-1 and booking a ticket to the grand finals.

In the grand finals, they swept North American side Carbon, 3-0 (10-2 on Mexico, 10-6 on Sub Base and 10-6 on Ankara). Getting a 10-2 in CrossFire in the grand finals of a tournament is similar to keeping your opponent on a single-digit scoreline in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and in Valorant. With this victory, Pacific.Macta reached the summit of international CrossFire and showed Filipinos that it was possible to be at the top of the world when it came to esports.

Execration and Pacific.Wara represented the Philippines in the CFS later that year; however, they were both unable to get out of the group stages.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the road for the Philippines as far as CFS was concerned: The country was not allowed to participate in 2019 due to internal reasons – and as such, Filipino teams were limited to participating in online CrossFire tournaments hosted by third-party tournament organizers.

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