Crossfire: The FPS That Left Its Mark on Philippine Esports History: Part 3

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Crossfire: The FPS That Left Its Mark on Philippine Esports History: Part 3 - Game High PH
Taken from x0tek - Youtube channel
How CrossFire Shaped the Philippine Gaming and Esports Landscape

No one ever thought that the country’s first-ever world champions, as well as a team that could be dubbed as one of the best in the world in the title, would come from CrossFire; however, Pacific.Macta’s victory in the CFGI back in 2018 has left a lasting mark on the Philippines esports scene. This feat would only be repeated later in 2021, when Bren Esports took the championship title for the M2 World Championship held in Singapore, edging erstwhile rivals Burmese Ghouls, 4-3, in a closely-fought series.

Today, Crossfire is still a widely-played game locally, thanks to an audience who remained loyal to the franchise through all these years. While 2021 was disastrous in terms of the country’s performance in the international CrossFire scene, with both Pacific.Macta and Execration finishing 0-3 in their respective groups during the 2021 CFS Funsparks Arena, Filipino teams have a chance to redeem the country’s dismal showing and bring back pride to the country as the Philippines is all but sure to be invited to this year’s CFS Grand Finals.

On the ground, multiple teams still play CrossFire in various capacities. It is possible to see “bet games” and “scrims” between different clans and teams on any given day – and local CrossFire streamers are more than sure to have a lively and supportive audience watching their streams. Yes, it may be eclipsed by titles such as Valorant; however, the truth is that the game has been a part of our collective history as Filipino gamers for such a very long time now, and as such, it will take a very long time before this game fades from our consciousness.

Even the trash talking that normally occurs every single match and the never-ending arms race between the developers and hackers within CrossFire could easily be considered to be a huge part of our lives as Filipino gamers.

Crossfire: The FPS That Left Its Mark on Philippine Esports History: Part 3 - Game High PH
Taken from Jonathan Repana - Youtube

As far as negative experiences within the game were concerned, hacks proved to be CrossFire’s Achilles heel; many gamers have left the game simply because they felt that the local publishers didn’t do enough to remedy the issue.

Of course, given that Crossfire is still an official medal sport for the upcoming Southeast Asian Games, Filipino teams have the chance to create another historical moment in Philippine esports: Although the Philippine esports contingent took the gold in MLBB, Dota 2, and Starcraft 2, as well as silver and bronze in Tekken 7, for a total of five medals, Crossfire would be the first FPS game to be played in the SEA Games – and as such, represents another potential milestone in our national competitive gaming history.

Regardless of what happens to the local CrossFire competitive scene in the future, it can be truly said that the game has its own special place in the hearts of thousands of Filipino gamers all over the country…and that CrossFire would always be a source of great memories for all of us.

Besides, who among us doesn’t want the chance to whack zombies and surf around in an FPS game that best suits our collective spirit as a Filipino, no?

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