Dota 2’s The International: What Can You Buy With Your Prize?

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It’s the season again for The International (TI), which is Dota 2’s premier tournament. As usual, its mind-blowing prize pools come to mind – Fortnite, considered to be Dota 2’s competitor when it comes to prize pools, does not even come close with its $15 million prize pool.

Considered to be the apex of all Esports tournaments, millions and millions all over the world eagerly await to watch their favorite teams fight tooth and nail to the top and win it all.

You might be wondering what you could buy here in the Philippines if you get to the top of the Dota 2 world.

Also, you might have some difficulties visualizing what these multi-million dollar prizes mean; after all, most of us would have never seen, let alone hold, anything higher than a million pesos.

Dota 2's The International: What Can You Buy With Your Prize? - Game High PH

Without further ado, here’s what you could do with the top prize at this year’s The International – and to make it simple, let’s pretend that we don’t need to pay taxes on these things for once.

Each person in a five-person team who raises the Aegis at The International could get around $3.64 million (P182 million, give or take).

P182 million could buy you:

  • 60 Mitsubishi Monteros, or
  • 36 decent condominiums, or
  • 404 square meters of property inside Dasmarinas Village, or
  • 404 round trip tickets on Emirates First Class from Manila to New York, or
  • 10000+ days worth of stays at the Grand Suite of Grand Hyatt Manila.

Going into the more mundane, here’s what you can buy:

  • 182000 sacks of rice – on the retail rate…or
  • 1.65 million bottles of San Miguel Pilsen beer (at P110 each), or
  • 2.275 million cylinders of Pringles (at P80 each), or
  • 4 million kilograms of sugar, or
  • 9.34 million cans of sardines.

Sarap ng buhay, ‘di ba?

Alternatively, you could pay around 1000 workers to do your bidding at minimum wages for a year with that money. I wouldn’t recommend you to do that, but hey, you’re free to use your money as you please.

Most importantly, you can drink two cups of Starbucks Venti coffee and have a half dozen of JCO donuts for 400,000 days non-stop with that money. Priorities, eh?

Of course, the things that you can buy with your prize money lessen as you finish lower in the rankings: Remember that there are 18 teams fighting in The International.

Still, you should take note that even if you and your team finish dead last, your team will still get $100,000…and even if you divide it by five, all of you would potentially become peso millionaires at the end of it all!

There’s a caveat to all of these calculations: These do not take tax regimes into account, which are a completely different topic altogether.

But hey, we are still allowed to dream high, no?

This is why we should expect a lot of action at this year’s International: With the highest prize pool in Esports at stake, everything and everyone is fair game.

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