Four Reasons to Binge Lupin Season 2 on Netflix

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Four Reasons to Binge Lupin Season 2 on Netflix - Game High PH

Lupin, the French blockbuster on Netflix, is now in its second season, and sure enough, Assane Diop once again regales us with his unbelievable plots, knife-edge escapes, and exciting adventures as he exacts revenge against Hubert Pellegrini and his gang!


Here are some of the things to watch out for in this season:

1. More Muscle, More Action

While many of us do watch Lupin for the next-level mind games and outplays that Diop loves to play on his opponents, you could be assured that there’s going to be a lot of fights, chase scenes, and action sequences in general for this season. With the fact that Dipo has to utilize his physical strength in order to win against his opponents, it’s clear now that there’s a lot more at stake.


2. Uncertainties Upon Uncertainties

With the arc of this season focusing on Lupin trying to get his family back together, everyone in the series is going to play important roles as the stakes get ridiculously higher this time around. One can expect loyalties to fray, fresh allies to confide in, and shocking hideouts to explore in this season of Lupin!

3. Great Sights

Netflix never seems to stop giving its viewers the best sights of its locations – and Lupin is not just an outstanding show on its own; it also provides us viewers with wonderful locations in Paris, such as the Théâtre du Châtelet, the Catacombs, and the Seine itself, among many other places. You might mistake Lupin for a travel blog on Paris if not for the fact that the explosive plots existed.

4. A Human Deus Ex Machina

This is going to be the paragraph that would be closest to a spoiler: In the last episode of the season, the policemen are just a few steps away from Diop – however, one of them lets him go away, knowing very well that he is innocent of the charges that have been piled up against this modern iteration of Lupin! To be fair, they all have figured out in the end that Assane Diop’s alleged crimes paled in comparison to that of Pellegrini’s, so it was easier for the professional and collective consciences to let him go for once.

Of course, that was quickly subverted a few minutes later as another female police operative recognizes Diop and engages in a chase that takes them all the way to the banks of the iconic river in the center of Paris.


Another Spectacular Season

I’d like to say that I really enjoyed watching this season. While the first season was already a great treat, Omar Sy (the guy who plays Lupin), Soufiane Guerrab (Guedira), Shirine Boutella (Belkacem), and the rest of the cast have definitely leveled up their acting performances this time around, playing extremely active and engaging sequences all throughout this season.

Four Reasons to Binge Lupin Season 2 on Netflix - Game High PH

The masterful balance of the sequences in the series (thus ensuring that everyone gets their time in the spotlight) and the impeccable characterization of the players in this iteration of Lupin has turned it into a spectacle that viewers should not miss.

Obviously, the ending of the current season is definitely something that fits the atmosphere of this TV series. Given that Netflix has already basically signed up for a third season, it’s clear that we will see more of Assane Diop and his high-stakes adventures in the future.

I do highly recommend everyone to watch this new season of Lupin – trust me, the time that you spend binging it is going to be absolutely worth your while.

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