Loki Series Review (Spoilers ahead): Facing the Marvel Universe with a new perspective

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Loki Series Review: Facing the Marvel Universe with a new perspective - Game High PH

Have you watched any of the Disneyplus series? Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or the Loki series? Well if you are a Marvel fan, you should watch it now. Now, let’s talk about the latest one, which is the Loki series.  A lot of people criticized the writing where Loki used the Tesseract from the point where he was captured by the Avengers. They say that it was a waste of character development, from the arch he had with his brother to trying to sacrifice himself to kill Thanos. You might think that everything he has been through was useless and he did not know how the rest of his family; Thor, Odin, and Frigga cared for him. Well, I’m just gonna say it now, you are in for a loop. Like what executive producer Kevin Feige told in his interviews, the Disney plus tv series that premiered this pandemic are a way for the MCU to explore the characters that were underutilized during the Infinity Saga. The Disney plus shows have shown character development which we can’t have on a one to two-hour film. It is not a waste of time to watch any of the series; more importantly, it is not a waste of time to watch the events of Loki’s life after picking up the tesseract. The series left a lot of people on the edge of their seats every Wednesday because of the powerful storytelling. I hope social media hasn’t revealed too much yet, but the excitement of the MCU fandom cannot be halted. If you haven’t watched it yet you may stop here because there are spoilers ahead.

We learned more about Loki in this series. We learned why Loki does what he does and how he develops from here. I love that the series starts off by setting Loki straight about his situation. There is no going back and he watches what his life could have been preceding the New York battle. He saw the consequences of his actions and thinking. There’s a line from Thor Ragnarok where Thor told Loki that he doesn’t seem to progress in his mischievous ways and thinking. We watched how Loki always manipulates and lies for himself and his plans. This series answered why he wants to rule and be above others because he seems to think that he is just a weak individual to the likes of Thor and others. Loki had a roller coaster of emotions of everything he has been through in this series. Tom Hiddleston was fantastic in portraying him. The Disney plus shows’ acting does not really give subpar performances. They told us they would give us the quality that would not be far from the cinematic experience, well they really did deliver. Every character was a worthwhile key piece to everything that is happening and I love a show that connects everyone and does not underutilize a character. First off, Mobius really gave us that vibe that we really want to be friends with and he knows how to play with Loki with his lies and manipulations. He really did study Loki well. Mobius was smart in his actions. He gathered first all the evidence and information he could have before turning back from the TVA and believing Loki.

Owen Wilson did not fail in conveying portrayals of disbelief and some hints of doubt in uncovering the truth. We also grew to love hunter b-15 and her compassion for the greater good. She started off hating variants and keeping order for the TVA, then as she saw a vision of her life before, she was not hard-headed in facing the truth. I love the scene she had with Sylvie. We understood emotion even though we did not see what she was seeing. Judge Renslayer was also not wrong, the TVA was made for a reason. The lies and the android time-keepers were there for a reason. A system was made because it needs to be upheld for a reason. The writing was not wrong for the things she did because of what she believed.

Another character of course was Sylvie, or what she doesn’t want calling her, Lady Loki. The series did not really show much of her past, but as we saw then, she was taken when she was a child playing and having her normal day. It would have build up the hatred she had for the reason why she was taken from her life. It would have really meant that she struggled a lot for a long time, and a long time would really mean hundreds or thousands of years in terms of their Asgardian lifespan. I think she might be also triggered by the fact that Renslayer answered that she did not remember why she was taken. She did not remember her Nexus event. Imagine being a kid taken from your family and growing up in different worlds and times, life would have been difficult. She came a long way and planned a long time for defeating the one that is responsible that’s why I agree with the sentiments that she did not yet really had the turning point or the hero arc of her character.

Getting along with Loki and going through the face of death in Lamentis with him is still not yet a pushing point for her character to think differently. The writing and the acting were right to let her be in dilemma with Loki in the end. Loki understood the world and how his actions had catastrophic consequences. How he enabled pain and suffering for others. He understood the meaning of a mistake. Well, Sylvie was not yet on that journey. It was hard for her to see the perspective of Loki because she had not yet seen the repercussion of what she has done. A lot of people may hate her for what she did but it was what her character and emotions would do at that moment. I hate why she did it but I understood where she was coming from. I think the last character which was revealed in the finale was really a highlight of the episode. I mean everyone was expecting and theorizing for this, but we did not expect that he would be introduced the way the show did. Jonathan Majors was spectacular in giving a mischievous and mysterious character. Long lines were thrown but you just admire his way of storytelling. I did not understand the hate of others for his portrayal. Clearly, he is not Kang the Conqueror, he is a variant. A future Kang that did not wish for war. We understood how the TVA came to be and we understood how there are really multiverses.

The finale was great and full of heightened emotions. It really did not stop until the last scene. We all thought we came back to our friend and ally, then we were slapped on the face with who are you. It was really a thrilling experience, I hoped you watched it and experienced the dread of how Loki saw that everything is now different. He is now alone.

Loki Series Review: Facing the Marvel Universe with a new perspective - Game High PH

The series left us with a dilemma: what is better, free will or order. We hadn’t really yet understood the implications of the first dilemma but it teased us, well if He Who Remains speaks of the truth, it teased us that there would be chaos and war. The finale really did cater to the comic readers than the cinematic extended universe fans. I do not know about you but I am really excited about the future plans of Marvel Studios.

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