Most Picked Heroes in Mobile Legends And Why

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Mobile legends like any MOBA game has a pool of unique heroes. So, it’s not a surprise that some of the heroes will be picked in almost every game. It may be because of their skills and how they impact the game or simply the heroes are fun to use.

The heroes in this list may not represent all ranks as the data has only been tallied from Legend and Mythic ranks. Here are 5 of the most picked heroes in Mobile Legends. Can you already guess some of these heroes? We’re pretty sure that some of them apply in your rank as well. Let’s check it out!

Most Picked Heroes in Mobile Legends And Why - Game High PH


First on the least is Chou, the Kung-Fu Boy. In the said rank, Chou has the highest pick rate of 3.47% today. We can normally see people streaming Chou as their main hero.

Chou is a versatile hero that goes in and out of a team fight. He has crowd control abilities, immunity to crowd controls, and has a high damage output. Chou is a good counter to almost any hero out there. With the ability to easily chase enemies or escape from dangerous situations, Chou became a popular choice for most players. The only downside with Chou is skill mastery as he is quite difficult to use.



Next on the list is Tigreal, the Warrior of Dawn. Tigreal may be an old hero and available to every player but he is still a good option. Tigreal is a very durable tank hero that can protect his team well. He also has crowd control abilities and his ultimate skill is a devastating setter if he does it right. This makes him a very viable choice when going for a tank role.



Third on the list is Granger, the Death Chanter. As a marksman, your job is to deal damage as much as you can to the enemy. Also, to keep doing damage by keeping distance and keeping yourself alive. Granger is a good marksman as he can deal damage only using his normal attacks. He also has an escape skill that can be used to chase enemies as well. Lastly his ultimate can ruin his enemies from a great distance. Along with this is that Granger is easy to master, which makes him a popular choice for marksman users.



Fourth on the list is Chang’e, the Moon Palace Immortal. Chang’e is also easy to use and has a good set of skills. Her second skill allows her to have a shield with increased movement speed and deal extra damage. Chang’e is a good damage dealer with a few tricks up her sleeve to keep herself alive. Her ultimate is a destructive skill that also grants her increased movement speed. Now talk about a fast mage, which makes Chang’e a popular choice amongst Mage users.



Last on this list is Hanabi, the Scarlet Flower. Also a marksman, but Hanabi lacks mobility. However, her skills make up for the loss. Her ultimate traps her enemies and makes them immobile for 2 seconds. This allows her to do damage as the enemy sits there powerless. Hanabi can be weak at the start of the game but gains enough strength to dominate the enemy and turn the game in her team’s favor once she has enough items.

Most Picked Heroes in Mobile Legends And Why - Game High PH

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